More-than-Human Fluid Speculations

These experiments take a more-than-human stance to explore the agency of materials and of AI to consider the speculative activity as an interconnected ecology of ideas, materials and technologies. Bridging the relationship between signifier and signified, these experiments explore both human and non-human interpretations. 

Work in progress, using watercolour, home made inks, DALL-E, RunwayML and Stable Diffusion.

Milk churn, milking clusters and baby bottle drawn with milk and watercolour

The agency of materials and their influence on the content of my drawings: dog grooming tool and gardening tool, drawn with ink made with leaves of the bush in my garden where my dog urinates.

Drawing Conversation with Anuradha Reddy, mediated by AI.


- Drawing Conversations mediated by AI. Paulina Yurman and Anu Reddy. 2022. ACM Creativity & Cognition conference, Venice 2022

-More than human Fluid Speculations. 2022. DRS Bilbao

-Fluid Speculations: Drawing Artefacts in Watercolour as Experimentation in Research Through Design. Paulina Yurman. 2021. ACM Creativity & Cognition conference, Venice 2021. Honorable Mention Award at C&C 2021

My drawings of medieval birthing stools, traditionally made in oak, drawn with ink made from oak acorns

AI interpretations of my drawings of birthing stools,  originally drawn with oak acorn ink.

Watercolour drawing of red artefact and AI interpretation

Foraging materials for making ink.