Drawing Conversations

Drawing Conversations is an exercise I developed for collaboratively engaging in speculative storytelling about artefacts, technologies and ideas of different levels of abstraction. Through drawing,  I engage in fabulations with other scholars and practitioners, who may or may not use drawing in their work, but who might be interested to collaboratively explore ideas in non-verbal forms.

Drawing Conversations is an ongoing initiative.

Instructions for Drawing Conversations

Drawn mutations, merging drawings of a speaker and a medieval birthing stool. 

Drawing Conversation with AI, BigBiGan from RunwayML

Drawing Conversation with AI, BigBiGan from RunwayML

The first Drawing Conversation was with designer Jon Marshall. We first drew an artefact of our choice, in this case a pair of shoes and a printer. What followed was a number of drawings that evolved from one artefact into the other. The result was a range of strange in-between drawings that invited new stories that we discussed: digital shoes that could print images of the places they walked over, or printers that might walk. The exercise also enabled an appreciation of differences in drawing approaches and used media.

Drawing Conversations became a palyful activity that enabled me to speculate with others through drawing during the pandemic.

Drawing Conversations with quantum physicist Prof. Andreas Brandhubber

Drawing Conversations with mathematician Prof. Marcus du Sautoy

Drawing Conversations with sexual health clinician Dr. Liat Sarner

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